Games to Play With Kids

Games to play with kids
Games to Play With Kids

Confused to spend the summer holidays with kids? Spend the holiday is a right moment for you in getting closer with your family, especially for the kids. Many things you can do to spend the holiday.

Some games to play with kids can be an alternative in spending the summer holiday.

Here are games you can play in spending the summer holiday

Swimming Pool

Basketball is one of safety game can be played in the swimming pool. Things you need is a ball that can float on water, and the basket ring that can be posted in the edge of swimming pool. This game can be played together by young and old, man, woman as well as kids. The game is fun, moreover if played together with the close family.

The game is played by two teams. Prepare also for the net and the ball. You can use the volleyball. How to play is also like the volleyball game. The first team do the ball service through the net toward the opponent team. The opponent team must able to hit and return the ball through the net. If the team members can not return the ball through the net, then it is a score for the opponent team, and so on till the team who gets the highest score will win.

Camping Games

Games to play with kids is Treasure Hunt. Kids are asked to look for gifts which have been hidden in the camp area. After all gifts that will be looked for by kids are hidden, make a map of the campsite. The map is created and contains of main things, such as trees, rocks, trail, river, hill, lake, and etc. Distribute the map to the kids, and let them read the map for a while. After they understood and no more question, start looking for the gifts. As parents we can help them by guiding the kids, but still they have to do it by themselves.

Camping Games with kids
Camping Games with kids

Traveling Games

Games to play with kids is played in the car during the trip. First, we have to got an object. This object should be visible by all players. Then player will say to another player, “I spy with my little eye something …..” And other players complete the previous sentence by saying the color and the initial letter of that object. For example, the object is grass. Player can say, “I spy with my little eye something that is green”. Player can also say like this, “I spy with my little eye something that start with the letter G”. Other players try to guess what object is that. It continues till the object can be guessed. Players who succeed to guess it right will be the winner and will be the player for the next I spy games. The objects that are used can also be things in the car, such as luggage.

Learning Games

The ABC’s Zoo. The game is teaching the children to be able to identify letters and the alphabet’s sound. This activity is good for teaching the children before they are able to spell and read. The game is suitable for pre-school children.

Animal Sounds.

This game is kids’ favorite because it is fun. It teaches the kids about animals by hearing to the animal’s sounds. Kids can differentiate the animal from its sound.

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