Google Kids Games

Google kids games
Google Kids Games

Are the children familiar enough with Google ? Absolutely, without the intention to aside other search engine, how effective the children use this search engine?

The objective of Google kids games is to help kids in using Google search engine more effective. Why using Google, it is so simple because Google is a search engine that kids use commonly. It is expected from the game that kids are able to fix their searching  way in Google and think critically.

Usually kids are not so patient when they look for some information’s on internet. They often use simple way  in searching therefore information’s that they are looking for is not directly get. Whereas if they can only be patient and know how to use search engine in sophisticated way, then information that they look for can be easily found. Kids sometimes want simple  things without thinking harder.

In Google kids games, will show how to use searching  more effective and efficient. Every information that they look for should have keyword or phrase. Every additional keyword will search less word and accurate. The final goal is to get closer information as we want.

Children or student at school often make mistake by asking a question. This will cause Google search engine working not optimal.

Typing effective work is how to select the right words  and throw out irrelevant word in searching.

Here are some tips on using Google kids games to give effective result:

  • Use quotation on your key word, for example ”human right”. If we type ”human right” will show hit amount of 7,790,000 hits meanwhile without adding the quotation on human right will result 89,500,000 hits. So obviously appears that the use of quotation will result fewer hits.
  • Use minus sign for exception of a word in searching. For example : vikings –Minnesota.
  • Limit the web sites searching in certain groups, for example site:edu or site:org, so when they look for information about lacrosse and mebtasi only from educational institutions then lacrosse:edu.

On Google kids game, for example students were ask to find information about the great depression that happened in 1930., then they will type ”great depression” and result 44.5 million hits. If typing ”the great depression” site:org okies occupations, the result is only 50,700 hits.

With the newest skill, kids are ready to play Google kids games, by giving timer around 15 minutes with the less hit. For instance they are looking for information Can you explain how Edgar Allan Poe used the raven as a symbol in his poem ”The Raven” ? In this case kid who win the game is typing “Edgar Allan Poe” raven symbol site:edu which result 35, 900 hits. But there is result 7 hits only by typing in “Edgar Allan Poe” “Virginia Clem” site:edu. But on this information they also found out that Poe married Clem, his 13-year-old cousin.

Things should be remembered by teacher or librarian is testing first all of their question themselves before they  ask them to the kids. Because searching result from day to day will change along with more or less data on Google.  So the best way is by asking all of questions before the lesson begin.

For the best searching , the teacher and librarians can explain how to search in effective and efficient way. Therefore kids and other students will understand why those words can win. This way help kids who are not proficient and expert yet  to  know and understand more.

Keep up their enthusiasm so kids will always interest in learning, how to use Google search engine to be a helpful engine in looking for information they want effectively  and efficiently.

By improving the kids’ ability in searching information quickly , it will help kids to find references in doing school assignment easier. No more reason for kids to put off  their school assignments.

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