Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Party Games for kids
Halloween Party Games for Kids

What is your plan for the Halloween party ? You become the host of Halloween party games for kids and their friends. Confused what kind of Halloween party games you are going to play.

The first thing you have to decide, when you will hold a Halloween party is the theme. You have to decide the theme that you are going to use on your Halloween party. Themes that have been decided will affect the complexion, decor and the feel of the Halloween party itself. Absolutely, whatever themes that you choose do not forget the kids. Prepare many things for the kids, including the Halloween party games for kids.

Some Halloween party games for kids that can be a reference :

The game uses hay maze. It’s a very fun game, where the kids can enter and disappear when they get into the hay maze. While walking along the hay maze, they will find presents. Hay maze can be created using bales of hay or a cornfield maze. This game is a hit in among the kids.

One of the Halloween party games for kids is Scavenger hunting. Children and adults also love this game. The game uses a clue that is given to find the next clues. Or it could also by giving all clues at once and the players are asked to think how to find scavenger with those clues.

Another Game for your Halloween party is gross taste test contest. Prepare food that are commonly known and give name with a disgusting name. For example bread roll with jam and almond could become “Bleeding fingers’. With closed eyes the kids try to eat that food. Ask them to guess what food it is. For those who can guess it right or almost close to the answer is the winner. But make sure the ingredient that is used in making the food is not allergic for children.

This Halloween party games for kids use the balloon. The game begins when a child run with balloon flanked in between his legs. Use the black or orange color balloons that are suitable with the theme of your Halloween party.

You can also make a costume contest. For the best costumes will get a prize. The invited guests are asked to use the costume that is designed with unique and creative ideas.

Need to remember, whatever your party plan is, make sure the kids have big chances to get their Halloween candy. Nothing is wrong to prepare the interesting prizes and as you might want to make it a bit different. Happy Halloween!

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