Health Education

Health Education
Health Education

Health education is important for children to learn in order to get a healthy life as young adults. Because teaching about healthy living since they are very young and make it as habit will make children become adults who care about their personal health and environment.

Children born with their unique personality. The unique personality continues to grow and develop both physically, mentally and intellectual. And as parents it is our duty to keep their growth and unique development as a healthy individual.

To understand the importance of personal health should be started since early ages, so that child can grow into a healthy individual and as reflection of healthy family. Continue to keep the children’s health also will help the physical development , mentally and intellectual become not obstructed.

Health education in child not only teach the health of body but also relate to health of mental, change in attitude and a change in the perspective.

Prevention  is better than cure, that is a philosophy that is still true in taking care of health. So one of  the important things to teach about health education to a child is how the prevention and awareness should be the first priority. Since health is a process in which we must continue to keep it consistent.

Teaching children to keep healthy should begin with small and simple things that they can do. And keeps to improve their knowledge and way to keep the health according to the child’s age and their understanding.

Several of healthy habits that we can teach to children how to health education are :

–   Keep The Self Hygiene

Wash hands with soap before eating , brush the teeth twice a day, bath twice everyday, cut nails and cleans hands and feet, as well as always wear a clean and neat clothes.

–   Keep The Clean Environment

Keeping the health is not only about the self hygiene but also the health of environment surround. Teach and ask child to involve in keeping the house clean and its surrounding. For example make a habit in cleaning and tidying their own rooms, always put trash into the bin, help to clean the bathrooms, and etc.

–   Healthy Diet

Health education also teach children to maintain the nutritional intake in food, for example , not eating snack that is not guaranteed for its hygiene, limit the snack in particular that use MSG and salt high sugar content, not eating too much. For parents can help by making own snack for the child that is better for child health.

–   Healthy Life Style

Do not let the child get used to sleep late, especially if the child is off school on the next day. Give understanding to the child about the importance of enough sleep  for their growth and health. Also exercise regularly and diligently, not smoking, stay away from drugs, alcohol, etc.


The most important in health education is example that is modeled by parents. Everything will not be effective if parents never give a positive examples to the child. For example it is almost impossible for  parents to prohibit the child not to smoke , while parents still smoke.

Children are great imitator of  people at their surrounding, especially their close people in the family. So teach the healthy living to the child is also a challenge  for parents who still can not give a good example to the child.

And always involve the child when you plan to do healthy activity, for example cycling together during holiday. Involving the child in healthy activities such this will encourage them to be more enthusiastic in running the healthy life and a means of health education.

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