Horse Games for Kids

Horse games for kids
Horse Games for Kids

Horse is kids’ favorite animal for all ages. There is a game that use own horse or pretend to be the horse itself. Kids love to play horse game , either with real horse or without horse. In horse games for kids will show how to attract kids’ interest on riding horse game. There is some ways to make riding as kids’ daily activities.

• Riding Games

The best way to play this game is indoor area, such as riding arena, in a small prairie. Prepare used tire that is placed on distance of 20 yard from start point. Every child has some different golf balls with different colors. Then that child will start from the start line walking through and round the tire without stopping while throwing golf ball to the middle of tire, after the ball has been thrown , Jockey keep on walking to start line. Those whose got right shoot and arrived to finish line as the fastest is the winner.
Another way can use barrel that filled with sand and two long sticks. The sand barrel put over another barrel with one stick inside, and give enough space between stick and the barrel top. The barrel itself is placed at 20 yard from start/ finish line. Then jockey start to walk from start line, while carrying another stick. Jockey continues to the barrel while turning it around without stop while changing the stick that is being hold with stick in the sand barrel. After change the stick succesfully, jockey keeps walking to the finish line. This game also has time limit, and injury time can be add if there is a jockey that is failed with his stick or dropped the stick.

• Kid Games

This game is not using real horse. This game is using horse board game like Horseopoly. The game is almost the same with traditional board game but using the equestrian ranch . The horse virtual game is really popular around the kids because it is free and can be played in the computer. Horse games for kids is just like racing, jumping and barrel racing are available and quiet challenging, There is also traditional game that use horse , such as memory game, tic tac toe, hangman, ping pong, and scrabble that can be found for free.

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