How to Become an Elementary School Teacher

elementary school teacher
Elementary School Teacher

How to become an elementary school teacher that is well and qualified, is not only about mastering the subjects of mathematics, English, history or science, but also mastering the art classes such as music, knowledge of literature, and so on. Being a teacher is also required to master the general knowledge that is needed to help delivering in mastered the basic science.

An elementary school teacher delivers basic subjects. They make assessment of learning, meeting with the parents, making lesson plan, decorate the bulletin board and participate in meeting with the school committee. Teaching in elementary school requires physical and emotional that needs extra energy. Although profession as being a teacher get a very adequate reward, but a teacher is required to do her role in a smarter and efficient way.

An elementary school teacher introduces students about the basic concepts on subjects such as math, reading, writing, science, art and other basic skills. In many places, school teachers usually teach in one class or group of students for various subjects.

How to Become an Elementary School teacher is a question frequently asked for teacher candidates who are interested for career as elementary school teacher. Because of the opportunity to become a teacher is great. In the U.S., there is a teacher shortage caused by the increase of students’ number who register, the reduction number of classes, many teachers quit teaching before their period end, and etc.

One of the challenges being a teacher is how you get a good impression in students, so teacher will be memorable for the students and they will carry on their memories when they grow up. Because elementary school is the longest education level than other education level, so after people is adult and successful, they often remembered their teachers in the elementary school.

How to become an Elementary School teacher and what are needed to become an elementary school teacher. Following things can be a guide for you who are interested in pursuing a career as an elementary school teacher.

In general there are 5 things How to become an elementary school teacher:

  1. Education. A teacher should master some subjects such as English, science, mathematics, history, sociology, art and mastered about children psychology and educational psychology as well. Not only that, the first step to become an elementary school teacher is getting a bachelor’s degree. If you wish to be an elementary school teacher since pre-college, then choose degree majoring in education.
  2. Some schools require you to have working experiences with children. Therefore, you can internships to be assistant teacher. Internships such this is paid.  During internship make sure the schedule does not clash with your activity, for instance clash with the class schedule. Working experience with the children or teaching children will help you a lot when you already work your profession as a teacher. Even it is really helpful when you take teaching license because teaching experience requirement is needed. Even when you take out teaching license, teaching experience requirement is needed. You can also start as a volunteer in some local elementary schools. Or try to contact and find information in the local United Way, parks and recreation department or at the school district.
  3. Not only having experience of working with children, but also experienced in teaching students at least for 80 hours. All of these should be documented well as proof of the requirements needed.
  4. One important thing in how to become an elementary school teacher is that you have to got license or certification. It is needed when you teach in public schools of states. But usually in private schools, certification is not required. In many states, the license is given by the State Board of Education to all individuals who are qualified. This license is updated regularly.
  5. Join in with professional association such as The American Federation of Teachers or National Education Association. Join with this association will help you a lot when you have problems with the school management. Try to keep information update, so you won’t miss any important information that you should know.

As a description, the salary of an elementary school teacher in the U.S. ranges between $ 40.000, – up to $ 45.000, – per year, depending on the level or subjects that are being taught. For experienced and special education teacher, the salary accepted can be even more.

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