Kid Games to Play

Kid Games to Play
Kid Games to Play

Playing outdoors for children is a healthy habit. According to The National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play said that children who play outdoors are more fit in physically and have lower stress level. Outdoor game is usually more creative because not only involves the mind but also physical.

Kid games to play that are played outdoors also will increase the child in getting vitamin D. According to the site of Head Start Body Start, deficiency of vitamin D can cause several health problems.

Although kids like outdoor activities, it does not mean already sufficient with toys existed at the backyards. Activities such as ride roller skating, bike riding, play Frisbee and swing sometimes make them bored. And nothing is wrong if you play games with the kid.

Some of kid games to play outdoors :

Batty Bowling: it is a kid game that can be played outdoors. The game is like bowling, only the pin that is being used from old household stuffs such as empty can, book, and old milk carton. Arrange all that stuffs into triangle shape like in bowling arena. Ask the children to stand a few meters from the pin arrangement. Scroll the ball to the pin arrangement. You can use any ball that you have at home. To make the game more interesting, you can substitute the ball with water balloon.

Blind Walk: This kid games to play not require expensive equipment. Parents and bigger kids gather little kids together in one corner of the house backyard. Those who not participate in the game, help in thinking out what is going to be the target. Usually that become the target object is bike or scooter. After the little kids’ eyes are closed then they are asked to find the target. Audiences who not participate in the game are asked to be quiet and not making any sound that can direct the player. Let the kid moves blindly seeking the target. One who gets the target as the fastest is the winner. For safety reason will be better to play this kid games in a wide house backyard without obstacles such as trees, rocks, and etc.

Soccer Challenge: This kid games can be played by children whose age below 3 years old in the house backyard. Which needed are ball and some little obstacles. Arrange little obstacle such as trash bin or terrace chair or another obstacle such as swing, so that it will form a challenge for children to be able to pass the ball. Then ask the child to kick the ball go through the obstacle. To make the game is more interesting, you can turn on the sprinklers as more challenge to make children more spirit.

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