Kid Picks Games

Kid Picks Games
Kid Picks Games

One of kid picks games that kids can play is Kid Pix. Kid Pix is a computer games that can be used to help in teaching kids about the school basic skills beside to upgrade their computer skill. The games allow kids to type , draw, show the slide show and many others. Some children’s basic skills that Kid Pix can do such as teaching about concepts of math , science , and etc.

Playing Kid Pix computer games is not only teaching skills about some basic skill concepts but also as fun learning media. Kids sometimes still not able yet to learn about math concept, for example like we teach the math concept to teenager or adult. Kids tend not to understand yet about math concept , which is for them is still abstract. When we teach 3+2=5, compare to word problems about father give them 3 bananas, then mother give 2 more bananas, then all bananas now are 5 is easier for kids to understand because it is more real.

Kid picks games that is played in Kid Pix teach kids about concepts of math and science in fun way. Imagine for some children learning is a boring activity. However, playing while learning make children fun without they realize that they were learning. It will make us easier in teaching the school basic skills to the kids.

Math Concepts

We use Kid Pix to teach kids about number and concept of math . Teach the kids use stamps to make pattern. We can set pattern that we want to make such as ABBA or let them make their own pattern. Stamps in Kid Pix can also be used for grouping , such as grouping stamps into the same colors, for example red and blue. Ask the kids to group by the color or category that we ask. With drawing aids of Kid Pix kids can also make Venn diagram to group colors or categories which more complex.

Kid Pix can also teach kids to make simple geometric shapes. Ask kids to choose a shape and draw it with the drawing aids provided and give details about the angles, side, and etc. Further, ask the kids to find five or ten stamps with the same shapes.

To teach addition and subtraction, let student create word problems and then do the problem solving using stamps and typing “ There are 3 geese and 5 cranes in the pond , how many animal are there in the pond?”. The child will take 3 geese and 5 cranes and type “3+5=8”

Science Concepts

The games combine the use of typing tools, drawing tools and stamps that will teach them about science skills.

Kids can learn about life cycle of animals such as frog or butterfly in a fun way. Kid picks games that played in kid pix teach children to create the animal’s life cycle using stamps and giving label with the typing tools. The games also teach children to make water cycle diagram.

Teaching the food chain use Kid Pix also fun for kids by moving the stamps. Giving name to each of plant /animal or parts of plant/animal.

In the end of science session, we can summarize and then type the facts about the topic we have learnt and describe it using stamps and drawing tools.

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