Kindergarten Newsletter Template

Kindergarten Newsletter Template
Kindergarten Newsletter Template

Newsletter is one of best way to give interesting information and deliver news for the upcoming events by the school. Newsletter is made not only for giving information to parents but also to students as well. Here parents can see what the kids are doing at school through the newsletter.

There is plenty of online kindergarten newsletter template that you can upload for free. On the internet you can get various of kindergarten newsletter template, and just adjust to your needs. You can also make own creation by seeing the available templates existed, such as

Here are some guidelines to fill in what information can be attached on the kindergarten newsletter template :

Academic Monthly Activity

The information can be anything about activities that kids have learnt and done at previous month. Kids have learnt  to count or identified kind of shapes. Here we can attach information on the foot note of newsletter about what they made, for instance attach the unfinished shape on this page. This will make newsletter looks more attractive and interactive so that parents and children will feel excited too.

The Upcoming Event

Here is about what the kids are going to learn in upcoming month. Show about their projects and topics in upcoming term. Divide this part into sub sections such as math, phonics, science, art , and etc. The aims to give better understanding for parents about activities that kids are going to do in the class.

Field Trip

After last field trip you can also put information on the newsletter. You can show the field trip result in chronological along with the pictures and places that visited, you can also put information about the upcoming field trip. The survey result of  the upcoming field trip and permission letter from parents, important tips or short information written on small paper that can be tear off or form of voluntary willingness.

Art Corner

Here we can show information about how creative the kids are, you can also scan the picture to computer, shrink the image and copy it to the newsletter . Do not forget to write the artist (kids’ name).

School Occasion

Event that occurs every month can be put in here. For instance in December you can show information about the holiday fair before school holiday. In this section the information being shown could be about parents who willingly to be volunteer and  participate in this occasion.

Contact List

It is about important information such as school telephone number, email address as well as other division that relate to school (financial, counselor, etc)

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