Kindergarten Report Cards

Kindergarten report cards
Kindergarten Report Cards

There are still arguments about kindergarten report cards using in preschool and kindergarten. Is the kindergarten report cards really helpful in identifying the children’s progress? A kindergarten report cards actually is a form of good communication between parents and teacher. From parents’ side kindergarten report cards can help them to know what they had and what needs to improve for children’s progress at school. Report card is an effective way that is commonly used in the early age child development centers and help parents play an active role in child’s education.

There are a lot of benefits of using kindergarten report cards that can help teacher, parents and kids too.


Some people still think that kindergarten report cards are not suitable for preschool children. Usually they feel that progress report which is made not fair for the kid and make them hopeless. Whereas the progress report during preschool actually is a good way to encourage children and show their potential skill. Most of early ages developing centers realize for the needs and to motivate children and help them identifying their unique ability.

Early Report Card is Important.

Report card has big role in early age’s child development. It is called as progress report and an important part from parents and teacher communication which can be a tool for identifying child’s advantages and disadvantages. This is a way for parents to know their child progress and if needed can help them at home. Because child development is not only the responsible of teacher only but also parents at home. For instance the progress report  stated that there is problem in kid’s hand and eye coordination, so parents at home can do activity that help to stimulate hand and eye coordination.

Talk With The Kids

At the time you bring kindergarten report cards at home, the child has no idea about what it is. It would be great if parents can communicate with the child about the school activities that have been done and the learning result through progress report.  Parents can also discuss to offer new skills that they can do, in order to motivate and encourage child’s confident and future improvements

Parents and Teacher’s Communication

Report card is a good way of communication between parents and teacher. In a meeting, progress report enable teacher to speak with parents about how good their kid can do during at school. It is one way for teacher to recommend suitable house activities to upgrade their skill and motivate parents to encourage the kid’s growth and learning motivation. For teacher kindergarten report card is used for answering questions from parents through telephone or parents meeting. Even though some parents disagree with the use of report cards especially for early age learner, but actually it is still the effective tool for parents and teacher to see the child’s progress.

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