Learning Games for Kindergarteners

Learning Games for Kindergarteners
Learning Games for Kindergarteners

There are a lot of subjects for learning games for kindergarteners which can be taught for kindergarten kids. Learning games for kindergarten is formed in a curriculum to help the kids in having successful experience during kindergarten and finally succeed in their future education. Educative game is all form of games which specially designed to give education experience or learning experience to the entire players, including traditional games and modern that has content of learning and education.

Some lessons that are being taught and stimulated to the kids in learning games for kindergarteners, such as:

Stimulate The Motor Skill and Memory

Preschool games cover some activities such as playing ball which help to stimulate their hand and eye coordination, fine motor, such as writing games, physical game which train their gross motor skill, card games for their memory and games on reading book to build their loving with reading and literacy.

Simple Math

Learning games for kindergarteners in kindergarten cover some skill games that they often find in daily, such as counting coins so that they can apply it during selling and buying activity.

Social and Cooperative Skill

Games that demand children to cooperate with one another so it helps to build the social skill on children. For example, out door games such as outbound activity.

Educational Games Based on Computer

Educational games based on computer that designed with attractive graphs, interesting colors, beautiful sounds will attract kids’ interest to be more excited in learning. Beside of learning lesson that is offered by computer, kids also learn how to interact with computer so that they also get basic skill on using the computer.

Stimulate Talent, Interest and Creativity

Games can also stimulate and develop kid’s creativity. Beside that a lot of games that they could get during at school, supposed that teacher is able to read the talent and interest of each kid. In some cases gifted child has shown his talent since in kindergarten.


Music, drawing, singing, painting, drama class are some examples of art that is being taught for kindergartener. A modern school usually provides special room for certain art class complete with the facilities.

Which need to be concerned by teacher or educator is that learning games for kindergarteners supposed to cover 4 aspects of education; they are cognitive, affective, motor skill and the art itself.

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