Literacy Games for Kids

Literacy Games for kids
Literacy Games for Kids

Why alphabet so important for kids to learn? Alphabet is actually just a collection of letters and readings. Some of parents are worrying how to teach alphabet and at the end teach them how to read. And ABC letters is a block of words building. So to be able to read children are supposed to identify each letter and sound of letter pairs or combinations and connect with other letters that build meaningful word.

Literacy games for kids will help kids to read early , because learning alphabet and make kids finally can read supposed to be start in early ages. After a child is used to read , it will be their weapon to learn more knowledge. Even in a literature stated that children should be great in identifying letters before they enter preschool or at least before the ages of three.

To teach kids about alphabet start in a simple way. Do not teach them directly 26 alphabets at one time. Here is the role of Literacy games for kids, helping kids to learn alphabet in a fun way. Just focus on some letters first and let them watch, listen and experience those letters. Need to remember that kids learn to use their sense and the alphabet books is just approaching aids to teach ABC alphabet. The alphabet coloring book is one of alphabet game which is fun. The importance is how learning makes fun.

Next after they know letters well, then they will learn to spell. In some spelling games it is specially designed in purpose to give the best result for kids learning process and build their ability as well as self confidence and sometimes highy expected from this game. Literacy Games for kids belong to spelling game that is not created to substitute teaching aids comonly, such as interaction between student and teacher. Because face to face classroom still has itsown advantages, for instance teacher’s help for student that has problem, motivate kids, looking after kids and etc.

Literacy Games for kids , by class can be searched through online and the game is played or taught with adults assistance. Presence of adults is really needed to measure their behavior and look at its influence to their competence.

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