Mystery Games for Kids

Mystery games for kids
Mystery Games for Kids

High Curiosity on children makes the kids love mystery. More over if they play mystery games. If you are looking for mystery games for kids birthday party occasion or just looking for a challenging mystery game which is also educating and fun for kids.

Here are some mystery games for kids that you can choose:

  • Board Games

The Example of this game is Clue. It could be right for your child, but depend on their age. For children age of 5-8 years old, there is a game version that can be played that is “Clue Jr.: The Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake”. The game developers for kids create game that is liked by children such as puzzles and riddles that can stimulate the brain: “30 Second Mysteries Game for Kids” that is dedicated for children age of  8-14 years old. This game is played by two teams. The game developers make a game that can help the kids to build critical thinking skill and social interaction skill. It happens in game of Giant Mystery Decoder. Spy Alley Junior is a game for children age above 6 years old. Each player assumes characters on a spy identification card and then tries to test their deductive skill and also bluff it in attempt to finish the mission and open the scrim’s spy of enemy.

  • Video Games

Some mystery games for kids like video games can be downloaded for free on the internet and played on PC. Video games can also be obtained in stores that provide a lot of computer games. There is classic game such as Clue Finder, an educational game for kids that is played by children of 8-12 years old. This game stimulates their brains in solving puzzle, collect clues and outsmart the bad guys. In Mystery Case file game, kids must collect the hidden clues to solve criminal case and become a master detective. And Scooby Doo game is computer games based on TV cartoon. There are plenty of games that can be downloaded on the internet.

For games that have been a while, there are Nintendo games such as American Girl Kit Mystery Challenge, Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney, the Professor Layton series, and game series from books of Nancy Drew, the Harry Potter series of movie. For X-box and the user of other Console games, there are Scooby Doo themes, Hardy Boys Mystery Games (Wii), Cate West: The Vanishing Files Mystery Game, The Mystery of Whiterock Castle, and Freddi Fish: Kelp Seed Mystery Games.

  • Murder Mystery Parties

For party games, you can make your own. But in the market there is also available children’s game that is pretty cheap price with a complete package. Usually game such this is dedicated for children 8-13 years old. You can get it in department stores, kids’ toys store and even available on the internet can be bought and downloaded such as Mystery Games and Kids’ Mystery Party Games. There is also a game of The Ghostly Case of The Haunted Amusement Park or The Christmas Crimes for Christmas holiday theme.

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