Need for Early Childhood Education

Need for Early Childhood Education
Need for Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is a vital part in a child’s education that plays the first formal step in education since the day he or she was born. Urgent need for early childhood education was sounded since the rising amounts of researches about child’s education, in which one of the researches stated that 2 out of 3 students in US schools cannot read at their respective grade levels. This stemmed from the fact that many early childhood education institutions in the US still have low quality in teaching programs and the teacher themselves.

Meanwhile, early childhood education has been more regarded in modern child education world. Parents no longer think that preschools only teach children to ‘count 1 to 10’ and ‘recognize colors’ or something like that. In fact, those skills are viewed as very important steps in supporting children’s future education.

Reasons to Put Children in Preschool First

Need for early childhood education must be fulfilled by enrolling children to good preschools. A preschool now functions more than just a place where children learn how to counts, but also a preparation to help them facing the next stage of educations, which are kindergarten and elementary school. Studying at a good preschool can help children forming better cognitive and social skill foundations, which will prepare them for life and study at school.

Many researches about children showed that children who were enrolled at preschools performed better at the next stages of education; they showed higher interests in their lessons, performed better at class, adjusted better with social life including with friends and teachers, and had more confidence. They were also more likely to participate in club or join volunteer program and other positive social activities. This, in turn, helped them to become more successful individuals in later life.

Reasons to Put Children in Preschool First
Reasons to Put Children in Preschool First

What Good Early Childhood Education Offers

Huge need for early childhood education is not just about learning the basic of math, language and such.

In fact, a good preschool will focus on more integrative skills for children to prepare them in the later stages of education and life, such as:

  • Forming good attitude and the ability to do acts of self-management, in which the children learn how to act according to social settings, put attention to things that require attention, able to concentrate, and can maintain persistence in learning a new skill.
  • Forming good understanding between ideas, mental images and language to help them express ideas better in comprehensive ways.
  • Forming good problem solving, social and life skills that are very important in every adaptation and adjustment process in new environment such as schools and other social settings
  • Forming basic cognitive skills to help the children facing intellectual challenges at school when they finally learn new knowledge in purely academic environment.

Since there are so many benefits for children for their later stages of education and life, new parents must start to think about which good preschool or daycare they can enroll their children into. Need for early childhood education must not be taken for granted or take easily.

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