Online Football Games for Kids

Online football games for kids
Online Football Games for Kids

Football game is usually considered as enjoyable game for kids and played by adult in their spare time. Game can be addictive, so that ideal for those who like to play non-violence game. Therefore, as the non-violent game, football game is recommended for kids to play.

No wonder, why some people like football. Kids to adults like to play football game. And football game is not always played in console game that is expensive, but also can be played by online game. Online football games usually require java and flash applications.

Online football games for kids need a set of computer with internet access.

There is several sites offer free game of online football games for kids

Quick Hit Football

This game is available for Mac and PC. One of online football games for kids is a virtual interactive football game that gives chance for kids to practice and manage their own football team. Kid should be able to adjust everything about his team, start from player to the logo, before he starts the game. Quick Hit Football uses name of real player and real coach. This game also gives statistic and accurate experience of all players. In the game, kid should set name list of players, player formation and create own football dynasty. This game not requires any download, so kids can play directly.

ESPN Arcade

This is a game from ESPN website. Commonly is called as the ESPN Arcade. This game provides eight free online football games that we can play. Speed Black: Players are demanded to be professional in doing player movement, such as avoiding the defender or reach the opponent’s penalty box and free from tackle of opponent’s player. To navigate the player movement use arrows on keyboard and press certain letter to avoid dig of defender or tackling. In the game of Electric QB; player do passing by pressing and releasing the mouse button. Just like other football games, player should be able to avoid defender and keep moving forward to approach the opponent’s goal. Assault QB; mouse is used to pick up the ball, do maneuver movements, include passing, herd the ball as well as to avoid defender. From all of these games will rank of all online players and player with the highest score will get the virtual trophy.

Free Football Game

The examples of this game is Crunch Ball 3000. This futuristic football games use keyboard to control opponent’s movement when playing. Before that choose a team to play against another team, and make execute just like traditional football game such as dribble the ball, passing till score goal. Free football games site offer some  non-traditional football competition. In Football Madness, where kid must choose a player and move the player until penalty box and create a goal and should pass the defender. All player navigation use keyboard.

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