Police Games for Kids

Police games for kids
Police Games for Kids

Police games usually contain of assassination mystery game, SWAT, police procedures, police lines, adventures puzzle, even the movies such as Marcus Reed or Police Quest. Curiously these games also liked by the young people and even adults. One positive impact of Police games for kids is to teach children how to explore this profession and get training on how to handle the problems happen effectively.

Law enforcement game such this can open up a new world which is full of knowledge and procedures that finally make them realize how important to follow the rules. The crime scene investigation and gather enough evidences becoming a scary thing, but then become popular after SCI (crime scene investigation) series.

Traffic police games is played in outdoor or in the large area. Making the start line and finish along 20 meters. One as a traffic police, others stand in finish line and back to back with another player who stand in the start line. As a police who act as the green light gives order to another player to move forward, and when police say red light, then the row that is walking across traffic light should stop. Anyone who already breaks through the red light has to be “catch” and return to the start line. The game keeps going on till ones can touch the traffic police.

Police games for kids and robber games are popular police game. The kids are divided into two teams, polices and robbers. Decide the place that will be the bank and also another place as a prison. To make a bank can be done with basket of toys that are arranged into a circle and put 10 water balloons inside it. The robbers try to seize the water balloons, and polices catch the bad guys into jail. Games is over when the water balloon is up and go on to switch roles from police turn into robbers and robbers into polices.

In the police games for kids there is also mafia game. The players sit in a circle. Then players will choose cards consist of ace, queen and king. Players who get the queen card as “doctor”. Players who get ace card as a “mafia” and players who get king card as “police”. After all players get cards, close the cards and they close their eyes.

And the appointed dreamer will ask “Mafia open your eyes” and ask “Who will you kill?” The mafia will open his eyes and silently pointing to one of players and then close his eyes again. Then the leader ask, “Police, open your eyes”, then police will open his eyes and the leader ask again, “Who do you think the Mafia is?” Then the police will point to the one who he thinks the mafia is silently. After the police closed his eyes, the leader ask, “Doctor, open your eyes”.

Then the leader asks again, “Who would you want to save?” Then the doctor silently point to the one that he believes as a mafia. Then the leader asks to all players to open their eyes, and discuss who the mafia that will be “killed”. Anyone who can guess the mafia correctly is the winner. The player who has wrong guess must out of the game. The same with players who are not saved (by doctors) should out of the game.

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