Pool Games for Kids

Pool games for kids
Pool Games for Kids

Pool games for kids that can be played for kids is basketball. Basketball is the one of safety game that is played in swimming pool. That you need is ball that can float on water, and basketball ring that is set in the poolside. This game is played together, for old, young, man, woman and kids. This game is fun, moreover if it is played with close family.

Many activities can be played in spending the time with our beloved people both indoor and outdoor. What activity is preferred by kids and parent? One of the choices is swimming. Swimming can be in the pool or at the beach. Just choose which one is liked by kids and safe enough for everyone. For family usually prefer a swimming pool because of safety reason and usually swimming pool’s facility also provides other recreation.

The game is played by two teams. Prepare net and ball also. For the ball, you can use volleyball. Technique to play is similar with volleyball game. The first team do ball service through the net toward opponent team. Opponent team should hit and return the ball through the net. If team member can not return it through net, so score is for the opponent team. And so on, till the team whose score is the highest becomes the winner.

The next of Pool games for kids is Marco Polo. This is a classic swimming pool game. The game is played by two or more player, where one player as Polo and another one as Marco. The players should close the eyes. How to play is Polo count to 10, then Marco player spread around the swimming pool. Polo shouting, “Marco” and all players respond by shouting “Polo”. Polo Player should find Marco player from their voices direction. While Polo try to find Marco, Marco player keep shouting until Polo player gets Marco player. This game can be played with Fish Out of Water variation. If Marco out of the swimming pool, and Polo player thinks that the Marco player is still on the land, Polo shout “Fish Out of Water”. If there is player who comes out of the water, then they become Polo.

Relay is a game that can be played in the swimming pool. Pool games for kids require two teams. How to play is one of team player jumps into swimming pool and swim toward one side of pool and then return to the beginning. Then they tag other team player to do the same. For team that can finish first they will be the winner.

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