Spanish Games for Kids

Spanish games for kids
Spanish Games for Kids

Spanish games for kids is one of the best ways to teach Spanish for kids. Learning Spanish has many tremendous benefits for kids. The most important is how to teach Spanish to kids in a fun way.

Here are some steps in teaching Spanish Games for kids with fun and full excitement:

  1. Listen to Spanish Music.

Play CD of Spanish song, while they are playing. You can also play it while in the car. Music is another good way to make kids involve in learning Spanish. They will accidentally follow to sing in Spanish song without care about its meaning.

  1. Watch Spanish TV Shows

Involve them to watch kids cartoon or TV show that use Spanish. This way kids will get more vocabularies in Spanish that is associated with picture or words they said. You can also rent Spanish movie and watch it with family.

  1. Follow/and Take Part in Spanish Show

If there is Spanish show in your community, try to involve your kids in this show. There always a show for your kids to participate in and let them to interact and play with other kids in that show. If there is no such of shows where you live, you can make Mexican party, complete with the piñata, Spanish and Mexican dishes, decoration, clothes and its games. At the party you can invite your kid’s friends that has the same interest and some kids that can speak Spanish.

  1. Spanish Audio Book

Listen to audio work in Spanish is one of best ways to learn Spanish Games for Kids as family routines. In this activity the first story is read in English after that Spanish. At the end section the whole story repeat in Spanish. Each of this audio book has different level of listener and varies in the way to pronounce. Story in this audio book is used for learning Spanish from beginner to improve vocabulary and listening skill.

  1. Read The Spanish Book

If your kid loves reading, then it can be a way to enrich his vocabulary and practice it. Kids usually put interest on books with colorful pictures, and make sure that the right book is suitable with his comprehension. Because it is afraid that if the book is too difficult for them it will make them frustrated.

  1. Spanish Time

Make schedule, that every one hour a day, everyone should speak in Spanish and must not speak in English. With point system that for those who speak English will get minus and those who can correct it in Spanish will get point. Those who have most points will get reward. It would be fun for all family members and can encourage them to translate daily speaking into Spanish.

  1. Spanish Exchange

You must not always exchange with Spanish kids only, but also with other countries. Ask the Spanish kid that is learning English to play together. It will help them to help each other in learning own languages. And it is possible for them to have long term friendship.

  1. Cooking Spanish Food

It is an activity to learn language, culture and cooking as well. You can get cooking recipes in Spanish language to help your kids in cooking Spanish meal. Say the recipe and steps in cooking with Spanish language. Once you can use word or phrase that they don’t understand. Simultaneously in the mean time you can learn Spanish and cook the healthy Spanish meal.

You can also mix their favorite activity into Spanish learning activity. Hopefully you will have a very happy day. These are some examples of fun activities for kids to learn Spanish Games for kids.

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