Spelling Games for Kids

Spelling games for kids
Spelling Games for Kids

There is plenty of games for kids to play with the help of parents. Games can help kid’s ability in master vocabularies. First game can be done by asking the kids to arrange the letters from a word in a sentence into  a meaningful sentence. Kids can also be asked to draw an object and tell about what it is. How to play in another spelling games for kids is by pasting a word label on the wall and ask the kids to read it out, then take the label out and ask the kids to find an object of  the label.

Can be considered also use the computer games, which is plenty available nowadays. Choose games that is suitable with the kids’ ability, for instance choosing spelling game for the first grade level speller.

Parents can also create games by writing a word on a paper , for next the paper put into the box. Ask the child to pick one paper, then he will spell and read the word there. Write some words on a bigger paper , hide the paper and let the child hunt that paper. One who succeeds to find it and can spell the word correctly will get a reward.

During TV time with family , parents can also ask questions to the kids to spell the word they heard from the TV shows. It is another way to train their listening skill , because they rarely see the words written on TV.

In another games, ask the kids to hunt words from a book they chose . Parents will say a word then kids will directly look for the words in the book they have picked. Or kids can also show the word in the book , then close the book for next parents will look for the words that kids has shown.

Spelling games for kids can also be played with friends. They can be more excited with the games . Also make sure that kids are motivated and the games can also be played in their favorite games as well as the sport games.

Things need to remember from the games is how we appreciate every effort that kids has shown when they succeed to do  it. Not only , hugs, kisses or buy them ice cream or candies , the most important reward is how the kids feel being appreciated by parents for their effort.

Another thing for parents is how to keep patient as their tutor eventhough in the process they sometimes often commit mistakes.

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