Spiderman Games for Kids

Spiderman games for kids
Spiderman Games for Kids

Spiderman games for kids is a great game to keep the kids busy and involve in the game. Kids often fantasize and imagine. Especially to their idol figure like figures of super hero movies. Kids sometimes act like their idol. Spiderman as a superhero figure, often becomes kid’s imagination.


And as parent, it is natural to satisfy and pleasure kid with his super hero figure.  They will feel happy if their favorite figure such as Spiderman becomes part of the game.  Spiderman becomes very popular in eyes of the kids and a lot of games can be played for them.




• Spiderman Tipover
This game is recommended for children above 8 years old. Spiderman Tipover is a 3 D board game . Spiderman Tipoever is played by setting pile of trunks into one at 40 cards. After trunk in form, then player has to jump from trunk to trunk to spare from capture.

• Memory Game
Spiderman games for kids are recommended for children aged 3-6 years. Memory game comes with Spiderman and Friends edition. The games consist of Spiderman and other Super Hero cards that are attractive for kids as many 72 sheets. It is played by flipping cards in turn to make matches.

• Spiderman Bingo
Spiderman Bingo games use bingo cards that printed with Spiderman character from comic story and its movie. Print the same card with smaller size then insert it into the bowl. Payers are given bingo cards nd a bowl of plastic spiders as bingo marker. Pull the card one by one from the bowl and show the card to the children. Ask the children to mark bingo cards accord with the card that is out of the bowl. The first player who can set the cards in vertical, horizontal or diagonal will win the game. To make more fun kids can shout “Spiderman!” Not yell “Bingo!!”

• Spiderman Catch
This Spiderman games for kids use plastic spider card that is spray with red or blue paint. Red or blue color is color of Spiderman character. Hang the artificial spider net on the wall and mark a line with distance of 5 feet from the wall. The kids are asked to line up and give each child five plastic spiders. Instruct kids to throw spider into spider nets. For kids who succeed to put the spider on the net, will get a small gift.

• Spiderman Scavenger Hunt
In Spiderman Scavenger Hunt, use plastic Spider-Man ring cake toppers, to hide the game area. Players are given plastic bag to put the ring that will be found. Kids are asked to keep the ring that they find to bring it home. To make it more interesting, add plastic spider toy and small Spiderman toy that is hidden.

• Spiderman Ultimate Power Game
This game is recommended for children aged 7 -11 years. Spiderman Ultimate Power Game is started with eight enemies from Spiderman walk quietly in New York City. Then Spiderman try to end trouble that is caused by his enemies. Two to four players use card and full-color chips on the floor / mat to act based on the story.

• Web-Slinging Prizes
In web-slinging game Prizes are prepared Spiderman gift by binding it on the tip of yarn pieces that is given to each child. Cut the yarn into 20 -3 – feet size. The gifts are hidden by putting tip of yarn in play area. Kids are asked to trace yarns that are hidden under the table or chair in order to get the presents.

• Spiderman Walk Prizes
Spiderman games for kids use image of Spiderman character and other characters from comic or movie that is printed. Give each image with numbers. Put those pictures on the floor. Make number on small paper and put into a bowl. By following Spiderman theme song, ask kids to walk around the pictures. When music stop, kids should be on the picture. Take number from the bowl and paste it on the picture. Kids that stand on the picture will get little prize.

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