Team Building Games for Kids

Team building games for kids
Team Building Games for Kids

Team building games for kids, usually played to help the kids so that what they get in this game can eventually be applied to work or daily life. Kids together with their social environment can take their respective roles on situation of battling, straying, crashes and other situations that might happen. On situation such this, allow them to take positive roles of each

Team building games for kids, can be played both indoor and outdoor. The games have to make the kids happy and enjoy the game itself. In some games, requires the kids to remain active and energetic.

Several team building games for kids are:


The game is commonly known as Blind Obstacle Course. The game is played in small groups of 4 -7 people. A person of one group with closed eyes will be then guided to pass through the obstacles. The obstacle is made of rope which is stretched using the cone holder. The blind kid is guided by his team mates in directing his movements.

That makes this game become exciting when  his team mates shouted to show direction to  the blind kid, “to the left”, to the “right”, “two steps forward”, “three steps to the left” and so on. The game can be played both indoor and outdoor, although their shouting will sound so loud when the game is being played, and finally the group who can guide their friend safely, is the winner.

The advantages we can take from this game is the kids can learn about the communication skills, listening, team work and trust.


The game is played in order to build kids’ self confidence so they can know each other. How to play is by making a big circle and each child holds a piece of paper with pencil or pen.

Each paper is written their names with big hand writing. By not moving the paper, then they turn around to the right. After they turn around then they stop on a friend’s paper for then they will write a compliment about what they like from that person who write previously on that paper. After one round completed, where each child has written compliments on each paper, then later children will take their papers for reading.

This game will help them to build their self confidence and also teach them on how to interact well with friends.

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