Technology Grants for Elementary Schools

Technology grants for elementary schools
Technology Grants for Elementary Schools

Grants are source of funding for school and given without any return. Grants can be one of source of funding for school in adding or updating the school facilities. One of supporting facilities in learning and teaching activity is facility based of technology, such as computer, language lab, television, gadget and etc. Can also be technology that integrates with the technology itself into the school subjects. Technology grants for elementary schools also needed for elementary schools that need addition or repair broken facilities.

The supporting facility should keep exist and continue in supporting the learning and teaching activities in the elementary school. Beside grants that aim to improve the use of existing technologies. Technology grants can be public grants, private or charter for elementary school till grades of 12.

How to Get Technology Grants for Elementary Schools

When funding requirements to improve technology increasing, whereas in the same time many other schools also need it. Here is a challenge of school to convince so that the proposal made can be approved and accepted. A good project planning and correct proposal writing will be a plus point in obtaining the grants. Planning and a good proposal can win the competition in obtaining the grants, because business sector, state government, national and regional foundations have provided a very large amount of funds even though during economic crisis. Although sometimes need time to obtain the source of funding but when we succeed to obtain the right source, then it is time to make application and proposal rightly.

For that we need to do :

1. Every technology that school needs should be described in detail and specific such as PC, Mac, Notebook, game, online curriculum, software, and etc. Every project that is proposed should be relevant with the technology needed. Explain the idea why the school really needs that technology. Write the ideas clearly and specifically, examples the problems encountered, the aims of using it, why need it, needs to be dealt with, the numbers of students who can use it, the result that students will get, is it for special needs or for dealing with gifted students. Also added teachers and staff that involved with the use of technology, and what kind of supervision for the technology facilities.

2. Every technology grants that is obtained also try to get supports through local business partnership. Frequently they support the solid partnership, for instance the continues support after the grants supporting is completed.

3. If it is possible , try to subscribe grants – subscription database. The Foundation Center offers a quite reasonable price and they have plan that we can choose and all of that can be easily accessed in their database. One of examples from the database is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Lowes, Home Depot and Traget that often gives fund technology initiatives.

4. Can also try technology grants for elementary schools from source of funding from state education department as funds that is distributed by Federal Educational through Enhancing Education Through Technology funds (EETT). Also check out the parent teacher organization, the teacher union and professional associations such as National Science Foundation and the International Society for Technology in Education. They often give funding in quite large amount, and partnership with schools as form of their support and contribution.

5. If you search on the internet use the keyword ”grants for technology“ or “technology grants for schools”. Use Boolean combination includes using the community name, region or states. Examples “technology grants for school & Chicago, IL”

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