Tennis Games for Kids

Tennis games for kids
Tennis Games for Kids

Tennis is not an easy sport for kids to learn. But if you can start it right, the kids will love this game forever. The key is how to make it fun. The best way to make it into a fun game is to keep them have fun and to keep them experiencing success. Tennis games for kids are fun game to play, but it can frustrate for the beginners.

Tennis game is fun for kids that make them want to play this game.

Go to Bed
How to play is, the coach will throw a ball to one player. If the player can get the ball back to the court, the child may return to the line. If he is failed at the first stroke, the coach will order him to yawn. The second stroke failed it means lost the chance. Coach will say that the child get tired. If the third chance is failed, the coach will order the kid to go to bed and failed on a fourth chance, kid is ordered to sleep. If till the fourth chance, so the kid must leave to the other side of the court to catch the ball of other players that first bounced. Tennis games for kids is good for the eye and hand coordination.

Bouncing Ball Race
Tennis games for kids is also for eye and hand coordination. Tennis games for kids begins by asking the kids to make two teams. Ask them to stand behind the baseline. Place the target, such as bucket or cone, with 5 meters distance from the net. The first person continuously toss the ball by using the racket, as if she were dribbling the basket ball while circling the target and then return to another base, without losing of the ball control. If the kid fails to control the ball, then he should start it from the beginning. The first team, who complete the game, is the winner.

Hit and Run
Tennis games for kids is teaching the kids to get back ready in their position after finishing strike. There is one kid in the field, who stands in the middle of service line “T”. Then the coach will throw the ball from the other side of the court. The first throw is on the forehand side, where the kid will run to hit the ball and return to “T” position. After that the coach will throw the ball on the backhand position, the kid chase and hit the ball and then go back to “T” position. Coach can throw other alternative ball to the next child, until they get tired.

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