Writing Games for Kids

Writing games for kids
Writing Games for Kids

Writing skill is important to build the foundation of education in kids. Kids often feel not comfort when they learn to write. Even the result of their writing at school get a developing score only. Here is the role of writing games for kids will really helpful. Make writing into a fun thing will get rid the obstacles that often happen to the kids during writing. Teaching how to write becoming a fun game will make kids more excited in fun.

Helping the kids’ habit to write regularly is important to show that writing at school can also be fun. One way is making a journal. Writing a journal for kids is an extraordinary way to train the kids to be creative, flexible, and it is easy applicable to the school subjects.

The fact shown that journal help the kids to develop their skill in describing or explaining a thing, increase their writing ability as well as problem solving skill. As a writer , kids learn about themselves which is never learn before. Even the kids are flattered with their ideas and their own words , when it is expressed on a piece of paper.

Writing games for kids not only teaching the kids how to write from informations given , but they will also learn to observe their friends playing games. This observation will build confidence in kids to write about themselves.

Pass Along Story
Writing games for kids using the index cards that have been written some words. Those words are put inside a bag. The words are being used are  nouns, verbs, and adjectives. For example, book, sleep, dog, eat, pretty, crazy, animal, and etc. Then each child will get one card. Kids need not to tell the word stated on friends’ card. Games started by writing a sentence on a piece of paper which has been prepared. For instance” Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess”. The first child then continue to write a second sentence based on the first sentence , and so on until all children write their sentences. After everything is done , read out the sentences aloud so all children can hear it.

Group Book
Writing games for kids such this is learning about a simple sentence. Kids learn to complete sentences. Ask the kids to complete sentence that is already made. For example, _________ wants_______”. Kids are supposed to fill in the blanks. The first blank filled with their own names, and the second blank filled with the words they want. So when it is completed, will become: “ John wants  ice cream”. The other kids will write : “ Susan  wants milk “. Using their name on the first word is easy and so familiar for them. After they have completed the sentences, make into a book. Make the copy as well and distribute to every kids. Ask the kids to draw something in every sentence.

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