Yahoo Games for Kids

Yahoo games for kids
Yahoo Games for Kids

Many games on the internet that kids can play. Yahoo is one of the sites on the Internet that provides free games that you can try. Many traditional games are available such as canasta, chess, black jack, and a swimming pool. The newest games is also available which can be downloaded and installed on the computer or mobile phone.

On special game for kids, there is available own game site which is called Yahooligans.  Spare your time, to try and take a look at the short description about yahoo game, which you might be interested to try it.

Yahoo offers package for kids’ activities that related to video, music and games. Yahoo games for kids come with many kinds of variations. Variations within include the number of characters of kid’s favorite. There are word games, arcade, card, board games and etc. These games are designed to teach the kids’ skill in a fun playing activity. Sometimes the game also requires the help of parent, so there will be interaction between kid and parent.

Board Games

Examples of the games are Chess, Checker, MahJong Solitaire, Tic Tac Toe and Connect Four. Some of board games need strategy and tactical planning. For example Chess and Checker need strategy and critical thinking. Mah Jong Solitaire needs pattern identification.

Arcade Games

Examples of the games are Bubble Bug, Perfect Pizza, Crunchy Much.Arcadeis a short game that uses particular skill. For example in the Bubble Bug game will require hand and eye coordination as well as timeliness. Perfect Pizza requires visual estimation to put the pizza topping to match. Crunchy Munch is a classic Pac-Man which requires hand and eye coordination.

Card Games

Examples of the games are Go Fish, 21 and Gin. Yahoo games for kids offer handful. These games also practice the kids with command of probability

Move and TV Games

In the game can sharpen the speed and accuracy of catching fish with penguin on the big screen movie (movie) Surf’s Up. Practice the hand and eye coordination by firing up punch for  hamster from G-Force. Help Meerkats in capturing bug that move fast in the Merkaat Manor game.

Word Games

Yahoo games for kids teach the kid’s spelling and vocabulary skill. Kids are challenged to spell out the words on the Spelldown game. In the Word Racer game, the letter’s arrangements are made into longer words. There are also Literati game that can create the highest point of words possible.

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