Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Best Kindergarten International School in Singapore 

When choosing a kindergarten in Singapore, parents must consider the following 15 factors:

1. Childcare or Kindergarten

Childcare centres in Singapore are governed by the Ministry of Culture, Community, and Youth (MCCY). In addition, they are designed to meet the needs of working parents. They are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. On the other hand, kindergartens are supervised by the ministry of education, operating for fewer hours, with each school focusing on somewhat different demands. In Singapore, there are a variety of childcare centres and kindergartens that mainly serve children from the foreign community.

2. When to Start School

Preschool education is not compulsory in Singapore, but a majority of parents send their children to one. Parents must determine what is the right time for their child to begin school. This is a rather particular decision that is influenced by the parent’s situation and desires. International kindergartens generally serve children aged two to five years old. Thus, have a soft approach to school by providing half-day sessions two, three, or five days a week.

3. Which Location

Distances are limited in Singapore, but many create a kindergarten near me list. Location is a crucial consideration when deciding which kindergarten to go for. Parents are encouraged to search for preschools within a 20-minute drive of their house or their place of employment.

4. Great Visit and Research Experience

First impressions are important. If the preschool does not have a well-designed, comprehensive website and does not provide requested details in a timely manner, it might not be the safest choice to place a child.

5. Quality and Experience of Teaching Staffs

Classroom teachers are significant. When visiting a school, it is perfectly appropriate to inquire about the classroom teachers’ background. How long they have been with the kindergarten, and what their past experience has been. In certain cases, parents will schedule a brief meeting with the classroom teacher who will be teaching their child.

6. Curriculum, approach and ethos

Parents should consider an international kindergarten to be able to show that children are at the core of its ethos. A fun, loving, and safe atmosphere, coupled with a well-developed program, would provide the perfect foundation for children’s educational journey

7. School history

All else being equal, parents would choose a kindergarten that has been in operation for a number of years. Has shown the ability to reliably exceed parental standards. When visiting kindergartens, it’s okay to inquire about the program and to include explanations of a normal day at preschool.

8. Trial a School – Playgroup

One way to evaluate a school is to participate in a playgroup, which certain international kindergartens have. This helps parents to get a feel for the school and observe how their child adjusts.

9. Siblings & Term Dates

If parents have preschool-aged children, it is common for their younger counterparts to attend the same school when they’re ready. Particularly if they have had a good experience in the past. If parents have children in Singapore schools, one thing to remember is how the term structure corresponds with that school. Kindergartens that deliver three terms per year are more likely to be matched with international primary and secondary schools.

10. Reporting & Communication

Kindergartens, like many other areas, are getting more thorough with their success monitoring and correspondence. International kindergartens use a variety of resources, including any or more of the following. Frequent planners, weekly emails, photos of children, staff success reviews, monthly school notes, and school updates.

11. Power of Recommendation

Personal reviews, as well as the ability to see recommendations from current and previous parents, are very valuable. Parents may also request the school to connect them with other parents in order to inquire about their experiences.

12. Diversity of Children

Parents from the international community would usually choose to take their children to a school such as Pegasus International Preschool. The school has many children primarily from Singapore but also has kids from many other cultures and nationalities.

13. Facilities

Security and protection are critical considerations of any facility. Kindergarten in Singapore must be inspected and authorised by the Civil Defence Force. A green outdoor environment that is well blended into the school environment is another aspect that parents usually search for.

14. Fee Levels

It goes without mentioning that many people have financial pressures that could affect their school choice. Specific international kindergartens have significant differences in the fees.

15. Register Early

Popular schools also create waitlists, so parents can enrol as soon as they have settled on their school of preference.

Choosing the Best Kindergarten International School in Singapore: Conclusion

Choosing the best kindergarten international school for a child is a very personal and important decision for every parent. A child’s first kindergarten and having the actual first option of an educational institution for a child can be challenging.

It is important for parents to trust their instincts to make a decision that they feel happy with. Approaches to finding the best kindergarten international school may often differ. Parent has their own preferences, dislikes, and individual matters to consider before making a choice.

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