Best education magazines to read to gain insights about the top universities and other educational resources

In today’s internet age, all kinds of information floating around on the world wide web about anything that you need to know. It sometimes gets really difficult to navigate the exact knowledge that you need to gain in this heavy load of information that hovers all around on the web. This is where the old school mediums of media come into play to save the day. Magazine: one of the oldest mediums of print media is still very much prevalent in the modern world as it boils down to the most relevant information that is sought after by the reader. 

In this competitive world, people want to look for the best schools and institutes for admitting their wards into them. Education magazines are the place wherein parents and students can look for information regarding the top universities and schools that are there in the world. Following listed are some of the best education magazines that feature the top universities and schools in their edition to help them reach their audience – 

The Knowledge Review – The Knowledge Review (TKR) is one of the finest education magazines that help gain parents and students information about the top universities and schools all around the world. This magazine is known for publishing the best educational articles that are not just interesting to read but also deliver some lesser-known pieces of information in every new article. The Knowledge Review magazine finds and features the top magazines and schools that are providing the best education one needs to excel in the world. 

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine – The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is another cool magazine that encourages and inspires home-schooling for students. The magazine contains informative articles, teaching units and studies, insightful interviews with experts in the industry, and more. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is available in both print and digital formats for anyone who wishes to subscribe to it. The magazine also contains important product reviews, resource directories, and curriculum guidance to assist home-schooling. 

TEACH Magazine – TEACH Magazine was founded in the year 1993 and has been delivering pragmatic resources and tools to K-12 instructors everywhere ever since. Based out of Canada, the magazine promotes innovations in education and also acts as a forum for supporting good teachers and teaching. Over the years TEACH has evolved itself from a traditional publisher to a digital media company that has created interactive tools and resources for teachers and students.

Education Matters Magazine – Education Business magazine is a helpful resource for primary and secondary school teachers Australia-wide. Education Matters is one of the top education magazines that is providing school leaders and educators with a content-rich, comprehensive buyer’s guide of the most trustworthy school suppliers in the market. The magazine investigates and publishes views of various players in the industry from educators to institutions and businesses for a comprehensive overview. 

Teacher Magazine – Teacher magazine is an online national publication for educators that is published by the Australian Council for Educational Research aimed at promoting quality learning. It assists school educators in improving schools at grassroots levels. The magazine is dedicated to assist teachers and educators and in general the school staff to improve their skillset and practices using an evidence-based approach.

Education Today Magazine – Education Today magazine is one of the top education magazines based out of London that is targeting the entire education sector, from primary to adult education. The magazine covers topics relevant to the education system and is distributed free to charge to the qualifying readership. For the people who do not fall into the readership category, a subscription service is available to them. 

QA Education Magazine – QA education magazine is a publication based out of Lancashire. It is an essential guide that covers the latest news and product information for educational establishments throughout England and Wales. The magazine is targeted towards assisting headteachers, educators, and education decision-makers throughout the UK to improve education in the state.

Campus Magazine – Campus magazine is an education magazine for post-secondary students and is distributed free of cost throughout the major universities, polytechnics, and private schools in Singapore. The magazine features articles written by student contributors on various topics such as education, local happenings, lifestyle, and much more. The articles published in the magazine have a wide array of topics ranging from reports on overseas education, cuisine, the local rock scene, etc that make the youth stick.

Independent Education Magazine – Independent Education magazine is one of the top education magazines, which is the flagship publication of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA). It is a quarterly published magazine and is supplied free of charge to ISASA member schools. Non-members of the ISASA are encouraged to subscribe to the print edition of Independent education magazine. It’s a reliable and authoritative voice in the education domain updating on the latest educational developments in Southern Africa and internationally.  

Learning Tangent Homeschool magazine – Learning Tangent Homeschool magazine is one of the top education magazines that acts as a comprehensive guide to homeschoolers. The magazine is based out of the US and brings about the best and unique homeschool resources for homeschooling families.  

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