Career guidance and best jobs for women in India today

Women in India today are no longer happy to just sit at home and do nothing.

With education and exposure, Indian women dream to achieve more. Use their education and skills to benefit their family, contribute positively towards the society and also achieve their own dreams.

However, the challenges that women face many times are different from those that men face.

Being home at a decent hour, household and family responsibilities, pregnancy, childcare, wanting to be at home rather than out of home for long hours…are some of the factors that demand a woman’s time along with her career aspirations.

While there are many sites which offer free online career guidance options for women, what we have done is shortlisted the best jobs for women in India today.

These are jobs that offer women the flexibility to work from home as well as flexible working hours.

  1. Beauty and Wellness

There are many apps such as UrbanClap which offer women an option to work as per their schedule in this sector.

Just as customers have an option to book appointments as per their schedule, the beauticians have an option to accept assignments as per their availability and convenience.

  1. Cosmetology

An extension of the beauty and wellness sector, this field is rapidly growing. Considered in a similar league as dermatologists, cosmetologists treat skin and hair. While dermatologists are medical professionals and doctors.Cosmetologists are more like service providers.

Aromatherapies, organic cosmetics, artificial and natural wigs, fashion trends, cosmetics are some of areas that cosmetology allows one to explore.

One can enrol in a diploma in cosmetology post completing 12th.

  1. Teaching

Teaching today has evolved way beyond classrooms, blackboard… B.Ed. and D.Ed.

Today, anyone who has an expert in some field and the desire to impart knowledge can teach. There are sites which not only offer career guidance but also allow teachers to connect with potential students for free.

There are many sites today which offer online career guidance and courses especially designed for women.

Glow And Lovely Careers is one such platform which offers career guidance online tests, courses with certification, lists job opportunities for women…. All for free!

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