Dr. Calvin Hirsch Awarded Sacaramentos Top Doctor 2018-2021

Dr. Calvin Hirsch, the recalled Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Public Health at UC Davis, has been recognized as a top doctor in Geriatric Medicine by the Sacramento Magazine since 2018.

More details can be found at https://www.sacmag.com/health/sacramento-magazines-top-doctors-list-2018.

The awards are a testament to Dr. Calvin Hisrch‘s outstanding achievements and impactful contribution to improving people’s lives in geriatric medicine.

Geriatricians specialize in enhancing the elderly’s health needs. They concentrate on chronic diseases, skin ailments, memory impairment, cognitive loss, nutritional challenges, adverse medication effects, and immobility and balance problems.

Dr. Calvin Hirsch graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and did his residency in internal medicine at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center at Mount Zion between 1980 and 1983. He is also a certified doctor in internal and geriatric medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine and holds a CA State Medical License. Dr. Calvin Hirsch has over 41 years of experience as a Geriatric Medicine Specialist in Sacramento, CA. 

Before his retirement in July 2021, Dr. Calvin Hirsch was in charge of the UC Davis Geriatrics Clinic for 30 years until it closed in 2021. As a full-time professor at UC Davis, he successfully ran the clinic, prompting the Sacramento Magazine to honor him as a top doctor in geriatric medicine from 2018 to 2021. Even UC Davis celebrated his sterling work by announcing the award Dr. Calvin Hirsch received in 2020 due to positive peer voting. 

During his years of academic education at UC Davis in medicine, Dr. Calvin Hirsch produced high-flying resident doctors. The students became a geriatrics fellowship, under him or at prestigious programs, such as UCLA and UC San Francisco. Almost 90% of these individuals entered a career in geriatrics, and one is Chief of Geriatrics at UC Irvine.

Apart from being a medical doctor, Dr. Calvin Hisrch is a co-editor of two books about geriatric psychiatry. He also contributed several book chapters about geriatric topics as the principal author. Dr. Calvin Hirsch has authored many publications on various issues and received positive peer reviews.

His publications include ‘Daily aspirin for primary prevention increased risk for major GI bleeding in healthy older adults,’ ‘ In older adults with a history of falls, interventions to reduce the use of fall risk-increasing drugs do not reduce falls,’ ‘In older adults with acute ischemic stroke, the Clinical Frailty Scale predicted mortality at 28 days,’ and many more. 

Dr. Calvin Hirsch also worked with other doctors to publish several research projects. They include ‘ Postmenopausal hormone therapy and regional brain volumes,’ Physical activity and years of healthy life in older adults: results from the Cardiovascular Health Study,’ and more.

As a recalled professor at UC Davis, Dr. Calvin Hirsch continues with clinical supervision, teaching, and scholarly work. He is the UC Davis principal investigator for the Cardiovascular Health Study (funded by the NIH’s National Heart Lung and Blood Institute). 

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