Entrance Exams To Get Into Civil And Defence Services

There are a lot of exams that help you secure a government job. Some exams are specific to states like HTET, MPSC, UPTET, MH- CET, MH-CET Law. All these exams are meant for those particular states and getting jobs in those states. When you want to get a job all over India, you need to prepare for an entrance exam that will qualify you for the same.

The Indian services comprise about 24 services. The three principle civil services are-

  1. Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
  2. Indian Police Service (IPS)
  3. Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

  1. Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

While the entrance examination for IAS is commonly known as IAS Exam or the UPSC Exam, it is officially called the Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). Unfortunately, it is considered one of the world’s toughest exams, and only less than 0.01% of people can clear this examination. The IAS Exam syllabus is vast, and the number of attempts is limited.

  1. Indian Police Service (IPS)

To get into the Indian Police Services, you must clear the Civil Services Exam, often called the UPSC Exam. Although it is relatively easier to get into the IPS than the IAS, it is still difficult to pass the UPSC Examination. After you clear the exam, you must also get through the interview to get selected for the Indian Police Service.

  1. Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

This particular service also requires that you clear the UPSC Exam with a good score. The primary goal of the Indian Foreign Service is to frame foreign policies and manage Indian missions abroad. An Indian Foreign Service officer spends about two-third of their career abroad and only one-third of their career in India.

The Indian Defence Services splits into three segments – The Army, The Navy, and The Air Force.

To enter into one of the National Defence Services, a candidate must clear their National Defence Academy Exam. The NDA Exam, regulated by the UPSC, is for admissions into the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

A Commissioned Officer is the Lieutenant General, Major General, or Brigadier in the Army, the Vice-Admiral, Rear-Admiral, Commodore, or Captain in the Navy, and the First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, or Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. To become a Commissioned Officer, one must clear the Civil Defence Services (CDS) Exam.

The CDS Exam syllabus is extensive but not as vast as the Civil Services Exam syllabus. There are three sections of the examination, i.e., English, General Knowledge, and Mathematics. The syllabus of the General Knowledge section is quite vast and comprises History, Geography, Science, Polity, Economics, Current Affairs. This exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year during February and November.

Getting into any civil service or defense service is not an easy feat to accomplish. But where there is a will, there is a way. It is never easy to appear for an exam, but an entrance exam to get into the Civil or Defence Services is even more difficult.


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