Format of the IELTS Test

There are four unique parts of the IELTS test. The overall examination time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Three of the sections, such as Paying attention, Writing, as well as Analysis, are finished in one resting.

The last section, Talking, may be finished on the same day or approximately 7 days prior to or after the various other sections.

All examination takers take the same Listening as well as Talking tests

The Reading as well as Creating areas vary depending upon whether the examination taker is taking the General or Academic IELTS test.

Let’s look at the four modules in more detail.

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Paying attention

The Listening component has four sections with 10 questions in each.Sections 1, as well as 2, are common social scenarios. Areas 3 and 4 are education as well as training situations, such as a discussion between two university students.

Throughout this section, test takers pay attention to a recording and afterward should respond to inquiries based upon what they’ve listened to.

Checking out

The Checking out module has three areas. Examination takers will check out three texts, which might originate from books, publications, journals, newspapers, or other forms of media. After reading the message, test takers must address multiple-choice, as well as short response inquiries.


The Composing component consists of two tasks. For the very first job, test-takers need to compose a minimum of 150 words in 20 minutes. For the second job, examination takers must write at the very least 250 words in 40 minutes. The jobs, as well as subjects, vary depending on whether the examination taker is taking the General or Academic Training Examination.


The Speaking component is an in-person interview during which the examination taker sits with an examiner and has a conversation. The component has three different areas:

  • Intro: The test taker solutions regarding her/his residence, job, family, studies, rate of interests, hobbies, factors for taking IELTS exam as well as other general subjects.
  • Lengthy Turn: The test taker is given a task card regarding a certain subject. The test taker has one min to prepare to discuss the topic, then they have to give a two-minute speech concerning the subject.

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