From professors to consultants, here’s how BSchool faculty members are redefining the ‘standard’ career trajectory

Engineer to educator? Professional baker to project manager? Financial adviser to a fundraiser? Each year, the number of aspirants applying to the top PGDM institutes in India to develop the skills, knowledge, and network to change professions is on a swift rise. Such applicants take the MBA or PGDM plunge for a range of reasons – increased status, higher salary, appealing mission, interesting work, greater job stability, an opportunity for better impact, or challenging career trajectory. But no one ever said these aspirants need to be limited to being college students – the trends are changing, and so are the preferences of educators.

The world of consulting is largely being explored by professionals all over the world. And for management teachers, particularly, there are numerous roads to consulting. When professors, especially those from PGDM institutes in India, take up consulting, both- the BSchool they teach at, and its students also gain immensely. Consulting experience, along with teaching, helps academics become not just better researchers but also teachers. Teaching needs relevance and research needs rigor. And the industry experience when combined with consulting experience helps in bridging this gap between relevance and rigor.

In fact, faculty members at some of the top PGDM institutes in India get to earn more from consulting as compared to what the famed colleges offer as salary. Knowing how beneficial consulting can be, IMI Bhubaneswar considers it its responsibility to promote the faculty to take up advisory services as per their individual expertise in the field, which not just gives them an insight into the functioning of a company but also offers career growth and exposure.

Though a relatively new institute, the faculty of IMI B, in the last few years, has managed to get on board as consultants with leading organizations like Indian Oil, Baird & Associates – Canada, Adam Smith Institute – UK, FNST – Germany, MTN Rwanda Cell – Africa, and Bharat Electronics – Kotdwar among many others. Not only that, but they have also worked as consultants to several government departments and agencies like the Ministry of Commerce, Department of IT of the Ministry of Commerce and IT, Ministry of Textiles, and Central Board of Secondary Education of the Government of India.

As the top PGDM institute in India, IMI’s faculty members, through core training obtained from faculty development program and years of consulting experience are recognized in the industry for their expertise in areas of e-business, cross-cultural management, information system, IPR, leadership, team building, employee branding, sales promotion design, executive coaching, appraisal policy, talent management, and sensitivity training. And even though the perks of consulting remain known to one and all, academics still take priority above everything else.

Perhaps, there are many faculty members who stick to research and teaching alone, the rest few choose to move on paths less taken!

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