How to make your child excel scholastic

Providing a suitable study environment

Parents can increase their child’s ability to excel by providing a suitable study environment for him, so that they work to provide a place free of anything that might affect the child’s focus during the study, in addition to caring for all the school subjects that a child may need during study such as pencils, The eraser, rulers, and calculators, in addition to the computer, if the child needs it in learning, and parents must also pay attention to the need for the environment in which the child is taught to be enjoyable, so that his mind becomes better when sitting in it. [1]

Create a daily study routine

Parents can help their child excel in study by creating a daily study routine for him, as the child follows a daily routine that helps him get used to studying and makes him more able to succeed, and parents can design an effective daily study routine by allocating after-school time to During which the child will eat, then allow him to play for a few minutes outside the home after eating the food, and then allocate the next time for the child to study and solve all homework, and the lack of interest of the family in setting a daily study routine will delay the child to study until late in the day. [2]

Sending a child to school ready to learn

Parents can increase their child’s ability to excel in school by sending them to school ready to learn, and this can be achieved by caring for them to have breakfast before going to school, as breakfast helps the child to focus more during the study, and gives him more energy, and must Parents focus on making breakfast rich with whole grains, fiber, and protein, in addition to reducing the amount of added sugar, and in case the child has limited time in the morning and is unable to eat breakfast, parents can compensate for it by giving them fresh fruits, or nuts , And sandwiches, and on the other hand, the child needs to sleep for enough hours so he can learn better, so it set a fixed sleep routine for the child is necessary. [3]

Show love

The superiority and success of the child can be increased either in education or in life situations by showing the parents their love for the child, as many studies indicate that parents showing their love enhances the child’s physical and psychological health, which leads to the emergence of some social syndromes, such as: autism, shyness, and anxiety For many children, this is why it is advisable to spend time with the child, talk to him, and share play, food, singing, dancing, and even education. [4]

Minimize the rules

Imposing rules that relate to the subjects of education, sleep, food, watching TV and others for the child is natural and necessary, but increasing these rules can cause disobedience and rebellion by the child, and for this reason it is preferable to focus on helping the child to follow the main and practical rules, and reduce the imposition The rules. [4]

Provide assistance while studying

It is possible to help the child, especially adolescents, in the subjects of the study, to help him excel and obtain a good academic achievement, so it is preferable to extend a helping hand in the event of a study over the child, and help him to divide the study, organize appointments and notes, and then review them. It is also advised that the child should not neglect his health or To sleep while studying. [5]

Establishing organizational skills

The superiority of the child can be increased by understanding and preparing organizational skills that help him to organize and focus, and because these skills are not taught in schools, here comes the role of parents in directing the child to how to organize and manage time effectively, and this can be done by helping the child’s parents to organize his academic information in Folders, or on a computer, and classifying them according to subject, in addition to creating an academic calendar that helps the child to organize upcoming deadlines and abide by homework. [5]

Teaching respect

The child’s superiority in his life can be increased by teaching him good communication skills with others, teaching him how to respect oneself and respecting others, in addition to teaching him how to control anger and not offending strangers, and for this it is preferable for parents to monitor the child’s behavior at home, to learn about good and bad behaviors and how to change them for the better , Alerting the child to wrong behaviors and how to change them. [6]

Trust Education

The child’s confidence can be increased by increasing challenges and activities that help him gain confidence through his initiatives to solve the problems he faces in these challenges, or by teaching him to do good and beneficial behaviors and activities, and to leave unhelpful behaviors, besides, the shy child can trust himself By presenting him to speak on formal and informal occasions in front of a large audience, to help him overcome fear and shame, increase parents’ acceptance of the child, and show pride in him. [6]


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