Personalized Memorial Gifts for Children and Students from Teacher at

Are you a teacher in a nursery, primary or secondary school and looking for original gifts as a memory at the end of the school year for your students? Or do you need unique gifts for graduates? Take advantage of the opportunity to order original handmade personalized fridge magnets or ceramic bells from, all with original designs according to your requirements and with permanent printing.

On these mementos, you can add names of students and add inscriptions such as “for luck” or “as a memory from…”
Giving such gifts is a unique way to show appreciation for the work of students.

The most popular products are ceramic magnets which are in interesting shapes such as , four leaves, clovers, horseshoes or hearts, which have a tied ribbon and a strong magnet on the back that holds well on the fridge. Magnets are the most practical gift that students will surely appreciate.

Another interesting and suitable personalized gift for students or graduates are ceramic bells. Bells can be complemented by a flower or own graphic with the name of each student, class or dedication from a teacher.

Take advantage of the opportunity to give your students original memento gifts that will bring them beautiful memories of their school days.

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