Preparing for Preschool Open House in Singapore

Preschool Open House in Singapore

As a parent, you would only want what is the best for your kids in every decision you make, especially if it involves their education. You are probably searching for “kindergarten near me” when your child starts crawling just to be prepared when the time comes. After all, it is just a matter of time before your kid takes his or her first steps.

Kindergarten is very important in the physical, mental, and social development of your children. It is one of the first places where they can learn how to make friends and how to do certain things like buttoning their shirts and finger painting. It teaches them how to focus when they are doing their activities.

With this, it is only necessary to do your research before enrolling your kids to a childcare center. You can even go to a preschool open house in Singapore to see for yourself. Put the following in mind when you attend a preschool open house in Singapore to help you make your decision.

Approach to Education

When you attend a preschool open house in Singapore, do not hesitate to ask about the schools’ education approach. Different preschools have different education philosophies and values that you have to consider. Are these the things you want your children to learn? Are these align to what you believe is best for your kids? You have to know these things so the preschool can bring out the potential in your child.

For example, if you want a less academic approach, you might want to enroll your child to a preschool that engages children through play and other hands-on activities. This is ideal for children who are very active and may have short attention spans.

Usual Activities in a Day

It is best to know the rundown of usual activities the children are doing in the preschool. As we all know, children can adjust better if there are routines for them to follow on a daily basis. Knowing these, you will be able to picture how your child will be doing when you leave them for a while in the school.

Preschools should have balanced experience when it comes to learning and playing so they can have holistic development. Instilling fun and memorable childhood memories is vital to children while they are learning.

Preschool’s Environment

You have to pay attention the school’s surrounding during the tour. First, check if it is a physically safe spaceā€”no overhanging debris that may fall on children or no sharp corners where kids may bump into. The area should also be brightly lit and spacious, so the children have the place to do their activities. It should also be conducive for learning so the children will remain engaged.

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