Things to Expect for Your GED Test

GED (General Educational Development) comprises of 4 tests in subjects like Maths, Science, Social Studies and Reasoning through Language Arts. The test is made for those students who do not possess a high-school certification and this test stands as equivalent to high-school level skills. The test is constructed to check your proficiency in the subjects to see if you are eligible enough to enroll in for higher education around the world especially in countries like the US, European countries and Canada.

A Brief about GED Tests

GED tests are taken online these days where the administration is in the hands of a computer. From solving mathematical sums to drafting your essay assignments, everything is done through a screen and pen or paper is not used. Erasable screens in tablets are also provided when you write an essay, therefore, one has to be efficient in computer skills because although you do not have to use it like an expert, basic knowledge will help you solving the test quicker and better. Many agencies help you in GED tutoring (ติว ged, which is the term in Thai) and provide you with online courses where you can practice your tests and exceed further.

How is GED divided?

Now to study GED (เรียน ged, term in Thai), subjects have different criteria. In mathematics, the portion is divided into 2 parts: Part 1 is of no-calculator section. In this section there is a total of 5 questions and once you have completed this section you move forward to part 2 wherein there is a formula sheet and it needs to be solved using a calculator, you can either bring your calculator or there is an onscreen calculator too.

In reasoning through language arts, there are in total 3 parts and all of them need to be completed in 150minutes. Part 1 is MCQ type questions with language questions and reading comprehension, Part 2 is extended response questions and part 3 is similar to that of part 1 both in content and composition. In Social studies, one can expect MCQ type questions with an on-screen calculator if required. The total time given in this subject is 70 minutes. Whereas in Science it is very similar to social studies, but the timing gave us 90minutes.

These were a few things that one can expect in a GED exam related to the subjects and the format of the testing process.

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