It is a memorable moment when you get accepted into your dream college. When you are going away for college, there are a lot of questions that might arise in your mind. Sometimes it is best to live in student housing like Quad at York. Before you start this new chapter in your life, there are things that you should know about student housing.

Parking Availability

If you are planning to take your car, there are only a limited number of available parking spots. The housing facility will be able to help you out with the same. However, most housing facilities provide free bike ranks.

Furnished Rooms

Housing facilities like Quad provide fully furnished rooms. You can choose the type of room that you want. Each room will have a top quality bed along with a study table.

Amenities Available

The rent usually includes the Gas and the internet charges. The Internet plays a very crucial role in the life of a student. The housing facility must provide you with the internet. It is also essential that there be a gym in the building. As a student, you need to take care of your physical health as well. Quad also provides its students with a Smart TV, so you can stream all your favourite shows on the TV. There is also a grocery shop in the building itself so you don’t have to worry about running out of groceries. Apart from that, there is also a 24-hour business centre and study room. At Quad, there is 24-hour service available. If there is an emergency you don’t have to worry about it. The staff will be there to help you out.


The rent is to be paid on the first of every month. You could deposit the payment in the office or pay it online.


Connectivity through public transport plays a crucial role. There should be a bus stop nearby which will help you to get around the town with much more ease.

Things you need to bring

Even though you will be moving into a fully furnished room, you will still have to bring certain things with you when you move in. As there is only a study table and no chair, you will need to bring a desk chair. Apart from that you will be requiring general amenities like toilet paper, garbage bags, tissues and kitchen items and cleaning supplies. You can also get more desk or floor lamps if you want and any other decoration item to give the room your personal touch.


Laundry plays a very crucial role. In Quad, the laundry rooms are located in the lounge and fitness rooms. You can put in your laundry and get your workout in while it gets done. The laundry is big enough so you won’t have to wait. You can also ping the machines to find out if they are available and the machines will ping you back whenever the load gets finished.

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