Why is MBA Getting More Popular in India in the Last Few Years?

Over the years, there has been a boom in India’s entrepreneurial culture, making it a hotspot for management courses. When the Indian government liberalized the economy, it opened new avenues in the private sector, leading to an increase in demand for MBA graduates. Most companies were willing to pay good salaries to aspiring MBA graduates.

So, MBA became a path for immense success, and many people began to take great interest in the course.

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Is Doing an MBA Still Worth It?

After over 20 years, the MBA program has lost its shine as graduates fail to secure jobs during campus placements. Data related to campus placements for MBA graduates provided by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) suggests that placement rates are dropping rapidly. It also indicates that over 220 Business Schools across significant cities have shut down, owing to the decline in placement rates.

So, if you are looking to pursue an MBA course, you may want to reconsider by looking at these factors.

The Relevance of MBA in India

Despite the numbers, an MBA course is still prominent, owing to the career prospects, such as excellent pay packages and career growth. Likewise, pursuing an MBA program has a host of benefits over most other courses offered in the country.

1.    Career Prospects

There is no doubt that an MBA graduate has better career prospects, especially career advancement and salary. The master’s program offers a much broader scope for securing relevant job opportunities. Moreover, you get to begin your career in managerial positions in top companies. These leadership roles also improve your credibility as a professional in the organisation.

2.    Corporate Networking

It is a given that most people who graduate from top B-Schools across the country go on to become corporate leaders. One of the reasons for this is that pursuing an MBA program in a top B-School allows aspirants to connect with an encouraging and supportive group of like-minded individuals to gain good leadership and managerial skills.

In that, an MBA graduate often starts off his or her career at the mid-management or senior management levels and goes on to secure positions like CEO, CFO, CIO, and the like.

3.    The Larger Perspective

By pursuing an MBA program, not only do you gain valuable knowledge, but also good business acumen and problem-solving skills. You will learn to overcome new challenges with the help of the latest management techniques.

Academic Background

One of the biggest myths about pursuing an MBA is that you need to be from a management or business background, which is not always true. Professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers, can also pursue an MBA program.

So, here’s how it works for them.

1.    Engineers

Most people who pursue an MBA program are engineers. IT engineers, in particular, move on to doing an MBA as part of their post-graduation to escape from their monotonous jobs.

2.    Lawyers

Not just engineers but also lawyers may pursue an MBA course. Though most lawyers are undecided about whether they need an MBA degree to set up a private practice firm, a degree in business management can give them that extra edge to gain valuable insights into founding and running law firms.

3.    Doctors

Although most doctors pursue an MD or MS, they may also keep MBA as a third option. Those doctors who have a degree in business management can secure jobs in hospital administration and companies in the healthcare sector.

4.    Teachers

Like doctors, teachers who have an MBA degree can be a part of the school or college administration.

Final Thoughts

You have many options if you want to pursue an MBA course. For instance, you can choose to pursue an executive or a full-time MBA course. Likewise, you can also get your MBA degree right here in India or in another country. However, getting one from abroad widens the research scope and provides an opportunity to study in widely acclaimed universities in countries like the UK and USA.




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